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Products Name: XT77 series combination case



 XT series integrated safety edges are small size and very sensitive, the matched water-proof tail plugs and with buckle design combined with the safety edges,don¡¯t need glue,which could installation convenient and quick. XT series is applied to all kinds of remote Control garage door , industrial gates and various kinds of equipment.


Based on the innovative design of the matching components,such as end piece waterproof design,plug buckle design, which don¡¯t need the glue when assembly. Moreover, the safety edges could be quick and simple been cut self-cut according to the demand length.


Dinron XT series Safety edges

1.  Edge extrusion,responsive

2.  Safety edges matched with aluminium track quickly and sensitive

3.  Self-cutting according to the demand length

4.  Testing safe,flexible and reliable

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